Monthly archives: August 2012

Important Class Updates

There are two important updates I need to share with you. One: No Class on Monday First, there is no class on Monday, September 3. It’s Labor Day and the College is closed. I apologize for not telling you in class. I still have to get used to once a week class. We have more […]

Assignment #1: Inspiration

I will explain in more detail how to do this assignment in class. We will spend some time looking at web sites in pairs before you complete it. If you miss class on 8/27/12 then contact me before completing this assignment. Comment on this post and in your comment make sure to have: The URL […]

MMP 240 Fall 2012: First Class

Welcome to MMP 240. We will be using this blog to put up material and links to material that we will use in the class. I will keep it up after class so you can use it as a resource.

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