Important Class Updates

There are two important updates I need to share with you.

One: No Class on Monday

First, there is no class on Monday, September 3. It’s Labor Day and the College is closed. I apologize for not telling you in class. I still have to get used to once a week class. We have more disruptions coming up this semester and I’ll notify you of those as well.

Two: Flip Materials

In light of the fact that we won’t meet again until September 10, I’ve changed a bit the materials I want you to cover before next class. I will be giving you a link to a video on Friday and then at least two more next week (I’m spreading them out a bit).

Remember the way this goes is that I expect you to watch/read whatever materials I give you outside of class so you can introduce yourselves to the concepts (the kinds of things that would normally be class lecture) and then in class I will give you work to do that will show whether or not you understood the material (the kinds of things that would normally be homework).

So look out for those links to the videos which will appear as posts on the blog (and organized in the Class page as well). I will probably also take the step to send out the next few by email until everyone gets the hang of this.

Feel free to email me with any questions

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