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Preparation for Class 4

On Monday we will be going over layout in CSS and we will also do wireframes for the midterm project. CSS Layout. Watch these two videos on layout in CSS. How the Box Model Works Watch on YouTube: How CSS Floating Works Watch on YouTube:   Midterm Project: Wireframes If you haven’t already read the […]

Class 3: Midterm Work and Basic CSS

There will be two parts to the work we do in class today. The first part we will focus on the midterm project. The second part will focus on CSS. Part 1: Midterm Project Take about 20 minutes to re-look at the Midterm Brief you saw last class and then complete Assignment #3: Questions the […]

Assignment #5: Basic CSS

Your assignment is to take the HTML files you completed in Assignment #2 and add CSS to them following these rules: All CSS must be in a css file named styles.css and that file must be in a folder named css. You must use at least a basic CSS reset (see CSS Fundamentals Part 2 […]

Assignment #4: Midterm Sitemap

Based on your knowledge so far of the web site (from the design brief and the content showed to you). Create a sitemap for the midterm project. You can create it however you like (on the computer, hand-drawn etc) but you must turn it in as either a .pdf file or an image file. Here […]

Assignment #3: Questions the design brief did not answer

Basically this assignment is to ask me any question you have after reading the Midterm Design Brief MidtermDesignBrief.pdf. What other information do you need from me to complete your midterm project? Almost every time you get a design brief it is not complete. The client has left out information that you need to know to complete […]

Examples of Past Midterm Projects

Here are some examples of past student’s midterm projects. FAIR WARNING, they are not perfect. They are posted here for inspiration and understanding, not duplication. Also the requirements will have changed a bit from when they took the class (it changes a bit each semester).

Assignment #2: Simple Standards-Based Site

For this assignment you will turn the three attached text files into .html files and follow these rules: For each page you must show at least (you can do more) the top three (3) sites from each of our three categories in assignment #1 You can only choose sites that people have listed in the […]

Class 2: 9.10.12

Today we are going to focus on writing HTML and take a look at the beginning of the web development cycle. As I mentioned in my video post, it took me a lot longer to get them out than I was expecting. Normally you would have the materials for the coming Monday on the Thursday […]

HTML Fundamentals Part 3 Video

This is the third part in a multipart series on HTML Fundamentals. This part shows how to mark up content on the page. Probably what most new web developers are most interested in. I must say that at over 40 minutes, this part is by far the longest. That’s because I try to show how […]

HTML Fundamentals Part 2 Video

This is the second video in my HTML Fundamentals series. The series is taking me a lot longer than I anticipated. There was a technical issue (lost an entire video) but the main reason is that it has taken me a while to boil down what I want to get across and then organize it and […]

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