Assignment #2: Simple Standards-Based Site

For this assignment you will turn the three attached text files into .html files and follow these rules:

  1. For each page you must show at least (you can do more) the top three (3) sites from each of our three categories in assignment #1
  2. You can only choose sites that people have listed in the comments for that assignment (view assignment # 1)
  3. use the three .txt files (design.txt, funcitonality.txt, content.txt) as the starting point for the three pages.
    1. The text inside of the [ ] is meant to be replaced or removed. Read it carefully to figure out which one
  4. All three pages should be in the navigation
  5. All three pages should have the same header and navigation
  6. Follow this format for each of the sites you list (there is an example in the .txt files)
    1. Screenshot of the site
    2. Title of the site
    3. URL of the site
    4. Names of people who put the site up in Assignment #1
    5. The comments they added about the site
    6. Add your reasons for choosing the site as well

This assignment is due on Wednesday, September 19.

Turn it in by uploading the three files you create to Blackboard (there will be an Assignment #2 in Blackboard). If you have FTP access to a web site you are welcome to upload the files there and just paste in the URL to Blackboard to turn it in.




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