Class 2: 9.10.12

Today we are going to focus on writing HTML and take a look at the beginning of the web development cycle.

As I mentioned in my video post, it took me a lot longer to get them out than I was expecting. Normally you would have the materials for the coming Monday on the Thursday or Friday before at the latest. So I’ll take the unusual step at the beginning of class to go over the videos a bit and give you some time to look at them on your own.

Then I’ll give you some time to work on your homework. There will actually be two sets of homework because next week there is no class again and I need to make sure we keep the momentum going. The first homework is to show me that you can create a simple valid, semantic, standards based web site. It’s Assignment #2: Simple Standards-Based Site. In it you will use content from our first assignment to create three web pages.┬áThe second assignment will have to do with planning and the web design process. It will be announced later.

Towards the end of class I will take some time to talk about the web design process. We will look at the overall process and then look at two key planning documents (both of which will be required for your midterm project). We will also start to talk about the midterm.

These are some documents and files we will use in the second half:


I’ll show som stuff from Sexy Web Design. If you follow the link and click on get the free sample at the top right you can see what I show in class.

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