Assignment #3: Questions the design brief did not answer

Basically this assignment is to ask me any question you have after reading the Midterm Design Brief MidtermDesignBrief.pdf. What other information do you need from me to complete your midterm project?

Almost every time you get a design brief it is not complete. The client has left out information that you need to know to complete the project.

When you are starting with a new client all of your questions are aimed at making sure you understand a few things:

  1. GOALS. Why does the client want the web site? Why would people want to visit the site?
  2. What exactly is going to be on the web site?
  3. What exactly am I expected to do? This is very important as sometimes there are hidden expectations like logo creation, copy writing, photography etc.
  4. When is the deadline?
  5. What is the budget? This one is often something you have to negotiate with the client. Someone new to web design won’t fully understand what it costs and what it involves.

Remember that professional web design is essentially people paying you for your time. So you have to figure out how long the site will take you to complete and charge accordingly. If you don’t know exactly what is going to be required to build the site then it is impossible to estimate your time. No one is perfect at estimating their time but you get better at it as you go along.

When you are working on a site for a business then there are some business questions you want to ask. As our midterm site is not a business site we will leave some of those out.

Some other things to make sure are included in the brief or you ask about after reading the brief:

  • Target Audience
  • Content: Who is creating the text, images, media etc. If they have media, what shape is it in (so you can estimate the work needed to get it ready for the web).
  • Examples of ¬†sites they like
  • Examples of sites they don’t like (or specific features, colors etc they would not like to see on the site).

To complete this assignment, log in to Blackboard and write your questions in the form before you submit. You must have at least three questions.

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