Assignment #2 Example

Assignment #5: Basic CSS

Your assignment is to take the HTML files you completed in Assignment #2 and add CSS to them following these rules:
  1. All CSS must be in a css file named styles.css and that file must be in a folder named css.
  2. You must use at least a basic CSS reset (see CSS Fundamentals Part 2 video).
  3. You must give the page a width (you choose how wide) and center the page.
  4. Define basic type settings in the body element (font-family, font, line-height)
  5. Define basic type settings for headers (h1,h2,h3…). You only need to give font sizes for the headers you use.
  6. The font for the general text (set in body) must be different from the font for headings.
  7. Add some styling for the links. You can choose what you want to do but at least do something like change the color so it’s not like the default.
  8. Paragraphs should be separated from each other with a blank line.
  9. You must use and style at least one id and at least one class.
  10. Each different type of text on the page (Main title, title of sites, url of sites, names of people, comments) should look different from each other. See image example.

Turning it In

Instead of uploading all of your files to Blackboard I want you to upload them to the Multimedia Server (or if you have your own server you can do that too), and then in Blackboard just past in the URL to your assignment.

If you can’t remember how to upload files with FTP here are some how to video links:



This assignment is due on Thursday, September 27.


Color Scheme: Moon Landing by chadgfallon

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