Class 3: Midterm Work and Basic CSS

There will be two parts to the work we do in class today. The first part we will focus on the midterm project. The second part will focus on CSS.

Part 1: Midterm Project

Take about 20 minutes to re-look at the Midterm Brief you saw last class and then complete Assignment #3: Questions the Design Brief Did Not Answer.

We will then have a brief discussion in class on these question you have and the Midterm Content and then you will do Assignment #4: Midterm Sitemap.

Part 2: CSS

Spend this tim working on Assignment #5: Basic CSS. That assignment is essentially to take the HTML you did in Assignment #2 and write some CSS for it following some minimum guidelines I set up in the instructions for the assignment. If you haven’t completed Assignment #2 then you should work on that.

I will talk about the following CSS resources in class before I give you time to work on the assignment.

Here are two videos on the CSS Fundamentals

CSS Fundamentals Part 1

Watch on YouTube:

CSS Fundamentals Part 2

Watch on YouTube:

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