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Class on Monday, October 29 is cancelled

Hi Class, In case you haven’t checked the BMCC web site, class is cancelled for Monday (BMCC is actually in an evacuation zone). They will monitor things and decide on Monday if they are going to also cancel class on Tuesday and beyond. Because of this development I’m going to move the due date for […]

Typography Resources

I’ll use this post to write down typography related resources. I’ll add to it as we go along.   Typographic Hierarchy: It’s Samantha Warren’s article on typography and sets both typography and a lot of graphic design principles up well. Prof Stein’s Typography Rules. Some rules I have for typography. There are not that many but […]

Class 6: Mockups, Style Tiles, and more Midterm Stuff

There will be more lecture style interaction today in class where I will do more talking than normal. I’m hoping to keep it to no longer than the first hour. Answers to Questions About the Midterm Today in class we are going to start with looking at my answers to your questions from Assignment #3. […]

Answers to Questions the Midterm Design Brief Left Out (assignment #3)

These are my answers to your questions from assignment #3. I’ve tried to group the questions where they were similar. The second part are questions with no answers because you should be able to find the answer by looking at the content given on Blackboard.   Answers to Questions the Design Brief Left Out Questions […]

Class 5: Typography and Layout

This class and assignments assume that you have covered the prep material on Typography. Today is simple yet difficult. You will complete Assignment #8: Typography. While you are working on that I’m going to come around the class and look at your wireframes assignment (#7) with each of  you individually. Some notes about the assignment. […]

Assignment #8: Typography

It is assumed that you reviewed the typography materials before completing this assignment. This assignment is to take the page in the zip file below and add CSS and HTML (if needed) to it to accomplish the following: Give the page a layout. How you organize the sections is up to you. You can see […]

Prep for Class on Wednesday

That’s right, Wednesday. Monday the school is closed and Wednesday is on a Monday schedule so we will have class on Wednesday. Let me know now if that’s going to be a problem. In class we are going to focus on typography (and also talk about design in general, and your midterm projects) so I […]

Assignment #7: Midterm Wireframes

The assignment is to make wireframes for each page that you made in the sitemap. I am going to talk about the content on the site in class, going over what you have been given on Blackboard. You should refer to that content and you can also use the previous projects to help yo understand what should go […]

Assignment #6: Page Layout

The assignment here is to download this zip file: And follow the instructions. Start by opening index.html in a browser and take it from there. I’m assuming that you have watched the two layout videos before completing this assignment: I will open the files and explain a bit more in class. So if you missed class […]

Class 4: Page Layout

Today’s class is some work on the midterm and then work on page layout with CSS. Midterm Wireframes We are going to start with making Wireframes for your midterm project. The assignment is to make wireframes for each page that you made in the sitemap. I am going to talk about the content on the […]

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