Assignment #7: Midterm Wireframes

The assignment is to make wireframes for each page that you made in the sitemap. I am going to talk about the content on the site in class, going over what you have been given on Blackboard. You should refer to that content and you can also use the previous projects to help yo understand what should go on each page. In some cases it is up to you exactly how and in what order you want to group the content. You can also refer to this page for help:

If you were in class and handed in paper drawings to me, I will take those and look at them for the grade. If you didn’t finish then upload the wireframes in one of two formats for this assignment:
  1. PDF file
  2. PNG files
If you started on paper you can just take pictures with a digital camera or scan them in and then convert to PNG format.
Upload the files to Blackboard.
This assignment is due on Monday, October 8.

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