Prep for Class on Wednesday

That’s right, Wednesday. Monday the school is closed and Wednesday is on a Monday schedule so we will have class on Wednesday. Let me know now if that’s going to be a problem.

In class we are going to focus on typography (and also talk about design in general, and your midterm projects) so I thought it would be appropriate to have some reading instead of video this week.

Some of you have not been watching the videos and doing readings. YOU NEED TO DO THAT to do well on the assignment and projects. Please set aside time to do that.

First read this: It’s Samantha Warren’s article on typography and sets both typography and a lot of graphic design principles up well.

Then take a look at some rules I have for typography. There are not that many but it can take a while to master them.

Then check out this page to help you think about hierarchy in typography and has links to lots of tools and articles. It will help you with choosing fonts and with Google Web Fonts.

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