Assignment #8: Typography

It is assumed that you reviewed the typography materials before completing this assignment.

This assignment is to take the page in the zip file below and add CSS and HTML (if needed) to it to accomplish the following:

  1. Give the page a layout. How you organize the sections is up to you. You can see my examples below or look at the midterm examples given in a previous post for better understanding and inspiration. Each of the major sections (header, nav, tracks, session etc) should be defined in some way (spacing, alignment, line, color).
  2. Style the text to give it a typographic hierarchy. Make sure each different type of text is treated differently in some way (font, style, color, size, alignment etc).
  3. Upload it to the web server and then turn in the link through Blackboard.

Starting file:


note: these don’t make much use of color and are kind of the minimum to complete the assignment. You are free to use color and fonts as you see fit. One thing to keep in mind is that this content is from the midterm project so you should be using this assignment to help you figure out what font/color/layout/etc you will have on the midterm project and not just do things randomly

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