Class 5: Typography and Layout

This class and assignments assume that you have covered the prep material on Typography.

Today is simple yet difficult. You will complete Assignment #8: Typography. While you are working on that I’m going to come around the class and look at your wireframes assignment (#7) with each of ¬†you individually.

Some notes about the assignment.

  • The content is directly from the midterm project. So take the opportunity to try to work out some of your ideas on how you will deal with this for your actual midterm project. The work you do today should directly help you with your midterm. You don’t have to use the exact layout and typography but what you do today should help get you there.
  • There are only two of the four tracks in the assignment, you don’t need to add the other two now, but you do need to add them for your final version in the midterm.
  • Start by looking at the content and thinking about what major sections of content there are (heading, session, track, footer). See if this matches your wireframe and think about whether there are any layout changes you want to make.
  • Then start adding in the CSS (and any HTML if needed, usually just some divs and such to group things) to make the basic page layout.
  • Then look at the content on the page and think about the typographic hierarchy. How are you going to use font, style, size, color, alignment… to help differentiate the different type of text content on the page?
  • Add in the CSS to bring your hierarchy to life.

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