Answers to Questions the Midterm Design Brief Left Out (assignment #3)

These are my answers to your questions from assignment #3. I’ve tried to group the questions where they were similar. The second part are questions with no answers because you should be able to find the answer by looking at the content given on Blackboard.


Answers to Questions the Design Brief Left Out

Questions not answered through the content resources

What is your deadline for the site?

When is the deadline?

Is there a deadline?

When is the deadline?

What is the deadline for this site to be active?

What is the deadline?

When is the due?

A good question. In a normal project, this, the budget and who’s creating the content are some of the most important questions. The project is due on Thursday, November 1.

Do I need to take any photographs or do writing related work?

No. You shouldn’t have to create any of the photo or writing content. You can include photos not given on Blackboard, but they must be properly licensed. (if you’re looking for stock photos read this: finding media

How much do you know about your topic for the website?

This is generally not the kind of question you want to ask directly to a client. Usually by asking questions about the content and finding out how much of it they’ve created and about their other experience you can kind of figure out the answer to this.

Should we need the new logo and color for BMCC, or we crate by ourselves?

Is there a logo designed for the event? If not, do you expect me to design one?

Do you have a logo?

Is there an existing logo for the conference and or theme for this year’s conference?

Will you be expecting me to design a logo, or original typography?

Do you have a logo?

Do you already have a logo that you would like to use or would you like me to create one? If you do have one is it copyrighted?

do we should follow the traditional BMCC’s website colors and logo, or you need me to create a new logo for this website?

No, there is no logo. And no, you don’t have to design one. However you should consider something to create some kind of visual identity for the site. Here is a YouTube video that shows some examples of doing that quickly You can also just use a distinctive font and color pallete do this.

More on colors below.

Do you have any special type of colors you want to use?

Do you preference in terms of color schemes?

Is there a certain color scheme I should try to avoid?

Do you have a color scheme? What colors you don’t like?

Do they have a preference for a color scheme?

I would like to know what colors dont you want in the website, and especific colors in your website

Any special themes you’re interested in, if you have any?

Is there a color theme for the site? As a BMCC related event should be developed with a variation on College colors and logo; if so what are the college colors and logo. Provide web colors or patone colors

Does the site need to be consistent with the current bmcc website in in terms of appearance and format?

Do they have a preference for a color scheme?

Good question, but no there are none I’m requiring. You don’t have to match the site to the general BMCC site design. If you’d like to use BMCC’s colors you can but there is not requirement:

  • BMCC Blue: #336699
  • BMCC Orange: #FF6600
  • Light Yellow used on website: #FFFF99
  • Grey used on websites: #CCCCCC
  • Light green used on website: #CCFF99

For more information on the BMCC Style Guide you can read it here: BMCC Style Guide

Do you have any example of sites you like or don’t like?

List five websites you like and why?

Are there any sites that you like where we can capture some inspiration from?

Do you want the site to mimic a site you have in mind?

Are there any specific elements you would particularly like to see on the site?

Are there any specific elements you would particularly not like to see?

Is there a font type you want to be used? What fonts you don’t want?

Another good question to ask. This is often one of the only ways to really get a good picture of what the client likes. You do have to be careful though because with clients who have not spent a lot of time looking at web sites their taste can be pretty, well bad. When you get answers to this question you usually want to ask follow up questions to find out exactly what it is that they like. Sometimes it’s just a particular color or font, or maybe what they like has nothing to do with design and more about the organization of the site. So a link along is not enough, try to get something about why they like the site.

You can also reverse this and show them some sites you might use as inspiration. Be careful here too. You don’t want to be asked to copy somone else’s design and if the site you’re showing clearly had a larger budget then you should be clear about what you would and would not be able to do.

After that long answer, here is an even longer one with actual site examples and overall design advice:

Does the client need the integration with social media services: “like button”, live tweet-feed, share button.

Are there any social media platforms associated with the conference?

A good question for modern sites. The answer here is no, don’t worry about that. If you want to add something to make it more realistic you can make up a Twitter hashtag for the conference and add info about it where you think appropriate.

Is there any preferences in photography retouching? Black&White, greyscale, cartoon style (etc).

No. The photos should fit in with the overall theme and feel for the site but how that happens is up to you.

Is there any banners and commercials on the web-site, as well as info about sponsors? If yes what is the priority?

Good question. Most commercial conferences would have this. However this is sponsored by BMCC. You can add that where you like and put in the logo (like in the footer or wherever), but the logo is not a requirement. Here is a link to get the BMCC logo:

Should we need to focus on one professor or we need to have detail about every stuff in the Media department?

You just need to use the professors and content given on Blackboard. I thought about adding information about related departments but thought it might be too much information.

What will be the most important part in the website, it will be content or functionality or design.

Content is most important, that people can get the information they need. Closely followed by design. There is not a lot of tricky functionality involved.

Do we need to have some J Quire or Java Script require in the page?

Should I add any interactive parts to the webpage?

No jQuery or other JavaScript requirements. If you want to use them you are allowed but you should follow the principles of Progressive Enhancment, meaning that all of the links and content should work and be visible without JavaScript and you just add it in to enhance the site.

is there any specific width and height you want for the website?

No. It’s up to you.

How will I incorporate a way for students with vision or hearing disabilities to use the website?

Will I have some audio and some extra content for students with vision and hearing disabilities ?

Good question. Nothing specific besides valid, semantic code and alt attributes on images. These actually do help a lot though. There isn’t any sound so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Will there be any hands on activities being offered for the students or will it just be an assembly type of event?

The event is about informing students about this career field, but will they have an oppurtunity to try it out for themselves? For example, will there be information on how they can actually get a job/internship in the field?

Just the information and activities that are listed.

I noticed in the sample pieces, there is a specific schedule. Will that be the same or changed?

What you see on Blackboard is the final content.

What is the budget for this site?

What is the overall budget for this project?

What is your budget for the graphic and html design of the site?

What is the budget?

Normally this is a good question, one of the most important. But for this project there is no budget.

For this project, the real budget is your time. How much time will it take you to complete the project with the given requirements? And how much will you have to work each week to get it done on time?

Do you want this site to be available on mobile websites?

Great question. The answer is no for now. We will talk about this some more for the final project. But I want to make sure you all understand the basics of web layout (float, box model etc) first and can do a complex layout.

Do you have a slogan or statement?

No. If your design vision really requires one I can come up with something.

Do you have a server?

Is there a URL and hosting for the site, if so access is needed to upload the finished site?

Good question for a normal clent. You all will be using your own BMCC accounts or you can use your own server if you have one.

Would you be interested in having me to do the updates and maintenance?

Like above, good question for real client.

How do you plan to encourage other students to visit the site? Do you need additional advertisement? Like posters, banners, brochures etc.

Again, good question for real client. Won’t be needed here.

What is the theme/purpose of this site?

It’s a one day event to encourage students to pursue careers in the creative arts.

May you give me three colors that you would like to incorporate on this website

I would be careful about asking this one. What if the client comes back with three colors that don’t match each other or the overall atmosphere you’re trying to create. It might be OK to ask about colors they don’t want, but in general as the designer it’s your job to choose the colors.

What is my job in this overall process and what task are expected of me?

What exactly am I expected to do? This is very important as sometimes there are hidden expectations like logo creation, copy writing, photography etc.

You are expected to create a design for the site and to execute that design using HTML and CSS as well as convert all of the content given to you to HTML. You will write all CSS and modify all images to fit. You are not expected to create original written content. You don’t have to create original images but you are more than welcome to add images from background texture to stock images of students.

Who is the target audience?

What is the age group you wish to focus on?

What kind of specific student is the site for? prospective students?, current bmcc students?,highschool students?

What kind of specific student is the site for? prospective students?, current bmcc students?,highschool students?

Why would people want to visit the site?

Essentially you are the target audience. Students who are pursuing or thinking about pursuing careers in the creative arts. It’s mainly focused on BMCC students but would be open to all CUNY students.

Can we put the info about who created the website?

Yes, I am asking all of you to include a page about yourselves and link to it from the footer.

Does the client pay us only for our time? what if we create a different design with some animations. Would it change the coast?

Essentially, yes you are paid for your time with web design. There can be other costs like hosting and domain name registration and in some cases things like professional photography and such. The overall scope of the work is usually agreed on ahead of time and so if you decide to add animations you couldn’t change the cost. If they ask for it later and it wasn’t in the orginal scope then you might ask for more, depending on what the animations required.

Is this free or is there a cost to the student?

Do we need a registration page so students can pre-register before the conference?

Registration is free. There is no registration page in your requirements, so you don’t have to make one.

Do we need to link back to the bmcc main page?

That would be nice, but not necessary. (if you include the BMCC logo then you should)

What is the most important information for this site?

What exactly are students want to know about?

Normally this is a good question. To help you practice reading content and thinking about the site from the perspective of the target audience, I’d like you to try to answer this for yourself.

How can I make this website looks interesting to catch people’ attention?

This is your job as the designer.

Will there be a contact form to answer prospective attendee inquiries or collect data; if so what email address will it go

No. would be nice but too much work for this project.

Will I be given samples of work for each of the personalities featured. If these individuals have been deemed as exemplary in the creative field I would prefer to lead with their work rather than their faces or resumes.

You will just be given the bios.

Are you expecting mock-ups?

Good question, (mostly the answer is yes) the answer for this class, will be a bit different and you will see in class.

Will I have someone that is acting as art director on this, someone to run the design by, or will I have the final say on creative matters?

It’s all up to you for this one.

Have you had an event like this before? If so, can you supply photos from the previous event?

You just get the photos for the speakers. If you want more you will have to find stock photos or something else that is licensed for use.

Were you wishing me to do both graphic and html design, or will I be working with someone else?

Just you.

How will students sign up for this event?

Will be there an online application form to fill ? or how are they going to sign to be in the list of the attendees ?

There is no actual sign up form for this project.

Will you like this event to be streamed online?

Nice thought, won’t be needed for this project.

can i mention in the web page some Creative Industries and their works, so the student can get to know more about this field.

It will probably be easier to stick with the given content. But if you have somethign you’d really like to add, run it by me.

Are there any specific elements you would particularly like to see on the site?

Are there any specific elements you would particularly not like to see?

Just those given on Blackboard.

Any videos you would like to include on the site?

No videos.

Is there any targeted screen size?

None specifically, but this is essentially designed for desktop computers.

Questions Answered with the content given on Blackboard

If you’re still not sure of the answer after looking at the content on Blackboard then feel free to email me or ask me in class again.

How many pages do you want this to be?

What specifically do you want the focus of each page to be?

How many pages should we need to have?

how many pages you need for this website?

How many web pages do you want?

How many pages do you want for the website? Is it going to be only one page for this event ?

How many pages should there be at least?

How many pages exactly do you want in your website

The minimum is five if that is not clear: Home | Schedule | Speakers | Sessions | Information

Which bmcc faculties and staffs will be attending?

Who are the speakers that will be attending this event?

Do you have photos of speakers? If not, do you expect me to take them?

Is the content already written (i.e. bio of the speakers, description of the even, etc…)?

is there any specific content that you want me to put on the website?

Do we have to add some content sometimes or the client would give us all the texts and the information about the website?

Who is creating the content?

Do you have the content and images ready?

What is going to be on this site in example news, opinions, statistics, images etc

What content will be supplied? photos / text / videos?

Has the copy for the site been prepared including photos, bios, date, locations and time specified?

what format are the photos? hard copy, or digital?

What is the location and date of the event?

What is the date of the conference?

What are some sessions that will take place in this event?

When is this event going to happen; what time,day,month?

Is there a phone number for more information?

What main features would you like to see on the homepage?

List all needed navigation tabs beside home and about us.

What are the specific details of the event itself? For example: when and where is it?

Will you provide the content for the website: images, data, video?

What is the schedule for the event?

Who will be speaking: when, where, topic?

Where will this event be held?

What is the contact information?

Do you want to provide the students with directions to the event?

Will I be provided with pictures, videos and other contents ?

What kind of content should be on the site? Ex. Text,images,links,videos

What other information should i know about the date? Ex. map directions, schedule, etc

Who are the actual authors,filmmakers,actors, musicians, etc attending?

What exactly is going to be on the web site?

Are there any pictures you have that you would like on the website

What is the date of the conference?

What content will be supplied? photos / text / videos?

Is there a phone number for more information?

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