Class 6: Mockups, Style Tiles, and more Midterm Stuff

There will be more lecture style interaction today in class where I will do more talking than normal. I’m hoping to keep it to no longer than the first hour.

Answers to Questions About the Midterm

Today in class we are going to start with looking at my answers to your questions from Assignment #3. It ended up taking me longer than I expected. There were a lot of great questions. Here is the link to my answers.

I want to also make sure we talk about this page, which is linked to in the answers. It covers some examples of the kind of design I’m looking for.


Mockups, Style Tiles and Design Process

We are going to talk about Design Process by looking at some mock-ups (AKA design comps, AKA comps). Then looking at Style Tiles and talking about the difference.

Files for Mockups:

Videos that use those files:

Slicing Images

This is a long video (51:33) that walks through adding CSS to an HTML page based on a Photoshop Mockup.

Link to Style Tiles:

Video on using Typography Features in Photoshop 6: view video

Another quick look at new features of PS6:


How to use Font Squirrel to download and then embed fonts

Your assignment for the rest of the day is to create either

1. A mockup of the home page

2. Style Tile for the site

If you do the Style Tile, then you should also do some work (drawing on paper, PS or using HTML/CSS) to start on how your Home page will actually look.

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