Class on Monday, October 29 is cancelled

Hi Class,

In case you haven’t checked the BMCC web site, class is cancelled for Monday (BMCC is actually in an evacuation zone). They will monitor things and decide on Monday if they are going to also cancel class on Tuesday and beyond.
Because of this development I’m going to move the due date for the project to next Monday, November 5.
First, worry about all of the important stuff to keep you safe and dry.  Then, please continue to to work on your projects. Email me if you have questions.
This Monday was supposed to be a time for you to ask me questions about your projects and work on them in class. Since we won’t meet in person what I will do is keep open my IM client and if you want to get in touch with me you can ping me on that. This is of course assuming we all have power on Monday and what not. I sent details about that by email.
If you are really having problems and it’s hard to explain we can try going to the virtual class site. That will allow me to see your screen and help that way. If you’re interested in that then IM or email me and we can arrange it.
If this week ends up really bad then I may reconsider the due date again. Be safe and dry and I’ll be in touch as the week goes on.
Prof Stein

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