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Final Project Resources

This post lists resources for your final project. Due Date The final project is due on Monday, December 17 You must be in class on that day. It counts as the final for this clas and is a required day. You can’t be late with this project. I have to get the grades in right […]

Final Resource: CSS

CSS is worth 10 points. Again I’m looking to see if the CSS is: VALID: There are no errors in the way you wrote the CSS. Web Developer Toolbar also has link to validation (if the page is uploaded) and you can get this through software like Dreamweaver. SEMANTIC: Here I’m mainly looking to see […]

Final Resource: HTML

HTML is worth 5 points. The two main things I’m looking for here are if you HTML are: VALID This means that you didn’t make any mistakes in how you wrote the tags. The easiest way to check for this is to 1) Have a proper Doctype, 2) run your HTML through a validator. The […]

Typography Challenge Assignment

The basic idea behind this assignment is to add CSS to an HTML page to create a typographic hierarchy. You will also need to add some enhancements like CSS3 and web fonts. I’ve put up a page with some CSS resources and will add to that as we go: CSS3 Resources Download the attached zip […]

CSS3 Resources

This site has general info on CSS3 and also examples   CSS3 generators   This site has great resources on which browser supports what (not just CSS).   TEXT-SHADOW   BOX-SHADOW   BACKGROUND PATTERN GENERATORS pattern – stripes – tartan – dots – […]

Prep for Class on 11.19.12

Last class we went over a few things, the most important of which was the 960 Grid System. This is the grid system we will be using for the final Project. You were given the Layout Challenge assignment. A number of you didn’t feel comfortable enough with the 960 GS to complete the assignment so […]

Layout Challenge Assignment

UPDATE: As promised here is the CSS file we used on the example in class styles.css – from 11.9.12 class Your assignment is to create an HTML/CSS layout using the 960 Grid system that matches the image below. The latin text for the paragraphs and lists is from this site: The images are from The […]


Learning Keyboard Shortcuts can drastically reduce the amount of time you spend typing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP or whatever. Learn them. Use them. Enough said. Some shortcuts are universal: Ctrl+N = New file Ctrl+S = Save Ctrl+O = Open Ctrl+W = Close Ctrl+C = Copy Ctrl+V = Paste Ctrl+Z = Undo Ctrl+Y = Redo Alt+S […]

Sublime Text Package Control and Install

  First Install Package Control This information can be found on the website for Sublime Package Controll Here: Copy this text import urllib2,os; pf=’Package Control.sublime-package’; ipp=sublime.installed_packages_path(); os.makedirs(ipp) if not os.path.exists(ipp) else None; urllib2.install_opener(urllib2.build_opener(urllib2.ProxyHandler())); open(os.path.join(ipp,pf),’wb’).write(urllib2.urlopen(‘’+pf.replace(‘ ‘,’%20′)).read()); print ‘Please restart Sublime Text to finish installation’ Open Sublime Text 2 Type Ctrl+` (the ` is just below the […]

Class on Monday 11.12.12

Today we are going to cover a kind of grab bag of topics. I’ll list them briefly here and we will go over them in more detail in class: Text Editors (Sublime Text in particular) Final Project 960 Grid System

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