Prep for Class on 11.19.12

Last class we went over a few things, the most important of which was the 960 Grid System. This is the grid system we will be using for the final Project. You were given the Layout Challenge assignment. A number of you didn’t feel comfortable enough with the 960 GS to complete the assignment so two things are happening around that.

  1. The due date for the assignment was changed so you can work on it in class on Monday
  2. I updated the 960 GS resources on this site so they are much more complete.

If you can (due to my error this is published two days later than I meant to), before class on Monday go to the resources page and at least watch the first three videos in the Tutorials section. The third video has files that you can use to follow along and practice using the system. These should be enough for you to complete the assignment, or at least get a good start on it and finish it up on Monday.

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