Final Resource: HTML

HTML is worth 5 points. The two main things I’m looking for here are if you HTML are:


This means that you didn’t make any mistakes in how you wrote the tags. The easiest way to check for this is to 1) Have a proper Doctype, 2) run your HTML through a validator. The Web Developer Toolbar in Firefox has a way to do this (you have to have uploaded the document first, it doesn’t work on local files), and software like Dreamweaver also have validity checking tools.

You should use HTML5 doctype for yor final project.
w3c validator\


This refers to whether or not you have the correct tag around content. Semantics is about the meaning and I’m looking to see if you titles have h1, h2 etc tags and the copy has p tags, lists have list tags etc.

One of the big issues many of you had with the midterm was using <br /> elements to add spacing. The only reason they should be used is inside of a <p></p> element if you need to break to the next line. An address is a good example

<p>199 Chambers St. <br/>
Room N681 <br/>
Media Arts & Technology Department <br/>
New York, NY 10007

If you find yourself adding
to make space then remove them and use CSS.

Often you will need to add a class or id to an element if you need something special like extra space at the end of a page

<p>lorem ipsum</p>
<p>lorem ipsum</p>
<p>lorem ipsum</p>
<p class="lastP">lorem ipsum</p>

Then you could style it so each paragraph has space after but the last one has extra space:
p{ margin-bottom:25px }
p.lastP {margin-bottom:50px}

##LINKS to More Information:
Writing Basic HTML

The HTML5 Boilerplate
This provides a blank page with many of the modern add-ons used by web developers.

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