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Final Day of Class

Update. My site was having problems in class and this post didn’t go up. So we weren’t able to use it in class to get links to projects. If you see this please still add a comment with a link to your site anyway so you can see the great sites you all did. Hi […]

Final Resource: Images

Here is the information from the grading rubric Images are used in a way that: Enhances the beauty of the site Is in unity with the rest of the design and the content Generally you have all done pretty well with images. The main error on the midterm was not including an alt property with […]

Final Resource: Typography

Lessons from the Midterm For the final project typography there are a few things you all should focus on based on what I saw on the midterm: Measure Matters Measure refers to the length of a line of text. You only want 45-75 or so characters in a line. A large number of you had […]

Class on 12.3.12

Today we are going to spend the day working on the final projects. You should be at the point where you have your sitemaps and wireframes done and have either started or completed the first version of the design. I’ll look for the first version of the designs as I come around today. It is […]

Final Resource: Overall Visual Design

There aren’t a lot of direct resources right now on this one but here is the article I refer to in the requirements: Some other key points to keep in mind: Make sure that the overall tone of the design fits in with the content of the site. on each page there are different […]

Final Resource: Web Fonts

Web Fonts (applied to the page with the @font-face selector in CSS) are one of the more exciting things to happen in the last couple of years to web design. They allow you to use more of the fonts you want and if the user doesn’t have them then their browser can automatically download it. […]

Final Resource: Grids

Grid Structure is worth 10 points Here are the notes from the grading rubric: A grid is used with both valid and semantic HTML and CSS applied. Grid properly applied to HTML CSS for grid properly linked Content fits inside the grid (intentionally breaking grid for visual effect is OK) You can use the same […]

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