Final Resource: Overall Visual Design

There aren’t a lot of direct resources right now on this one but here is the article I refer to in the requirements:

Some other key points to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that the overall tone of the design fits in with the content of the site.
  • on each page there are different kinds of content. The two main ways to show users these different sections of content is to separate them using space, line, color, alignment and typography.
  • Be consistent with your design choices. For example, a link is one color and style on one page it should also be so on the other pages.

And here are the notes from the grading rubric:

  • The design looks good but also focuses attention to content.
  • Users can recognize each page belongs to the same site.
  • Users can easily distinguish one area of the page from another as their eyes scan the page.

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