Final Day of Class

Update. My site was having problems in class and this post didn’t go up. So we weren’t able to use it in class to get links to projects. If you see this please still add a comment with a link to your site anyway so you can see the great sites you all did.

Hi Everyone,

The last day is finally here. Today in class we will start off with a little bit of time to answer questions and then we will go into showing projects.

There is now an assignment on Blackboard to upload your projects. I made the due date end of the day on Tuesday.

As for the assignments. If you haven’t turned something in or want to turn in a redo then you have until Wednesday. Be aware thought that at this  point I will only accept URLs for the assignments that required HTML/CSS. No zip files.

If you received a 0 for any assignment then there was some kind of problem with it and you should look at the comments i left and resubmit it.

Watch the video feedback of your midterm projects. I may not leave those up forever. You all have some things  you can learn I believe and I also think seeing it in video is the best way for that to happen.

Finally, in order to make the process of showing your videos easier, please add them in here as comments. You are allowed to show either or both of your midterm and final projects. I hope most of  you give links to both.


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  1. yahir says:

    Hello professor,

    i sent you an email with a question i had about my grade i just wanted
    to know if you received it and if so email me back please.

    thanks you

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