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Final Day of Class

Update. My site was having problems in class and this post didn’t go up. So we weren’t able to use it in class to get links to projects. If you see this please still add a comment with a link to your site anyway so you can see the great sites you all did. Hi […]

Class on 12.3.12

Today we are going to spend the day working on the final projects. You should be at the point where you have your sitemaps and wireframes done and have either started or completed the first version of the design. I’ll look for the first version of the designs as I come around today. It is […]

Prep for Class on 11.19.12

Last class we went over a few things, the most important of which was the 960 Grid System. This is the grid system we will be using for the final Project. You were given the Layout Challenge assignment. A number of you didn’t feel comfortable enough with the 960 GS to complete the assignment so […]

Class on Monday 11.12.12

Today we are going to cover a kind of grab bag of topics. I’ll list them briefly here and we will go over them in more detail in class: Text Editors (Sublime Text in particular) Final Project 960 Grid System

Midterm Update

Hi Class, Due to all of the mess around Sandy, and the number of people absent on Monday, I’ve decided to make a final (final for real this time) extension to the due date for the midterm: Sunday, November 11. There is now an assignment on Blackboard, Midterm URL, where you can turn it in […]

Class on Monday, November 5

Hello Everyone, I hope that you’ve made it through this week safe and without too many difficulties. We all had difficulties of one kind or another. Also, hopefully you remembered to set your clocks back today. Here are the highlights of what you need to know for class: We are having class on Monday at […]

Class on Monday, October 29 is cancelled

Hi Class, In case you haven’t checked the BMCC web site, class is cancelled for Monday (BMCC is actually in an evacuation zone). They will monitor things and decide on Monday if they are going to also cancel class on Tuesday and beyond. Because of this development I’m going to move the due date for […]

Class 6: Mockups, Style Tiles, and more Midterm Stuff

There will be more lecture style interaction today in class where I will do more talking than normal. I’m hoping to keep it to no longer than the first hour. Answers to Questions About the Midterm Today in class we are going to start with looking at my answers to your questions from Assignment #3. […]

Class 5: Typography and Layout

This class and assignments assume that you have covered the prep material on Typography. Today is simple yet difficult. You will complete Assignment #8: Typography. While you are working on that I’m going to come around the class and look at your wireframes assignment (#7) with each of  you individually. Some notes about the assignment. […]

Prep for Class on Wednesday

That’s right, Wednesday. Monday the school is closed and Wednesday is on a Monday schedule so we will have class on Wednesday. Let me know now if that’s going to be a problem. In class we are going to focus on typography (and also talk about design in general, and your midterm projects) so I […]

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