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  • Final Day of Class

    December 18, 2012Christopher SteinUpdate. My site was having problems in class and this post didn’t go up. So we weren’t able to use it in class to get links to projects. If you see this please still add a comment with a link to your site anyway so you can see the great sites you all did. Hi Everyone, The last day is finally here. Today in class we will start off with a little bit of time to answer questions and then we will go into showing projects. There is now an assignment on Blackboard to upload your projects. I made the due date end of the day on Tuesday. As for the assignments. If you haven’t turned something in or want to turn in a redo then you have until Wednesday. Be aware thought that at this  point I will only accept URLs for the assignments that required HTML/CSS. No zip files. If you received a 0 for any assignment then there was some kind of problem with it and you should look at the comments i left and resubmit it. Watch the video feedback of your midterm projects. I may not leave those up forever. You all have some things  you can learn I believe and I also think seeing it in video is the best way for that to happen. Finally, in order to make the process of showing your videos easier, please add them in here as comments. You are allowed to show either or both of your midterm and final projects. I hope most of  you give links to both.  
  • Class on 12.3.12

    December 3, 2012Christopher SteinToday we are going to spend the day working on the final projects. You should be at the point where you have your sitemaps and wireframes done and have either started or completed the first version of the design. I’ll look for the first version of the designs as I come around today. It is up to you whether you do a Photoshop mockup or just dive into th HTML/CSS. Some more resources have been added to the Final Project Resources page.
  • Prep for Class on 11.19.12

    November 17, 2012Christopher SteinLast class we went over a few things, the most important of which was the 960 Grid System. This is the grid system we will be using for the final Project. You were given the Layout Challenge assignment. A number of you didn’t feel comfortable enough with the 960 GS to complete the assignment so two things are happening around that. The due date for the assignment was changed so you can work on it in class on Monday I updated the 960 GS resources on this site so they are much more complete. If you can (due to my error this is published two days later than I meant to), before class on Monday go to the resources page and at least watch the first three videos in the Tutorials section. The third video has files that you can use to follow along and practice using the system. These should be enough for you to complete the assignment, or at least get a good start on it and finish it up on Monday.
  • Class on Monday 11.12.12

    November 12, 2012Christopher SteinToday we are going to cover a kind of grab bag of topics. I’ll list them briefly here and we will go over them in more detail in class: Text Editors (Sublime Text in particular) Final Project 960 Grid System
  • Midterm Update

    November 6, 2012Christopher SteinHi Class, Due to all of the mess around Sandy, and the number of people absent on Monday, I’ve decided to make a final (final for real this time) extension to the due date for the midterm: Sunday, November 11. There is now an assignment on Blackboard, Midterm URL, where you can turn it in when you finish.  
  • Class on Monday, November 5

    November 4, 2012Christopher SteinHello Everyone, I hope that you’ve made it through this week safe and without too many difficulties. We all had difficulties of one kind or another. Also, hopefully you remembered to set your clocks back today. Here are the highlights of what you need to know for class: We are having class on Monday at the usual time and place. (BMCC in general is running as normal on Monday) I’m going to reserve the whole class for you to work on your Midterm Projects. You will have until the end of the day on Tuesday to turn in the midterm project.(Nov 6) So come to class with as much on your projects done as you can and be ready to finish them up . See you soon, Prof Stein
  • Class on Monday, October 29 is cancelled

    October 29, 2012Christopher SteinHi Class, In case you haven’t checked the BMCC web site, class is cancelled for Monday (BMCC is actually in an evacuation zone). They will monitor things and decide on Monday if they are going to also cancel class on Tuesday and beyond. Because of this development I’m going to move the due date for the project to next Monday, November 5. First, worry about all of the important stuff to keep you safe and dry.  Then, please continue to to work on your projects. Email me if you have questions. This Monday was supposed to be a time for you to ask me questions about your projects and work on them in class. Since we won’t meet in person what I will do is keep open my IM client and if you want to get in touch with me you can ping me on that. This is of course assuming we all have power on Monday and what not. I sent details about that by email. If you are really having problems and it’s hard to explain we can try going to the virtual class site. That will allow me to see your screen and help that way. If you’re interested in that then IM or email me and we can arrange it. If this week ends up really bad then I may reconsider the due date again. Be safe and dry and I’ll be in touch as the week goes on. Best, Prof Stein
  • Class 6: Mockups, Style Tiles, and more Midterm Stuff

    October 15, 2012Christopher SteinClass 6: Mockups, Style Tiles, and more Midterm StuffThere will be more lecture style interaction today in class where I will do more talking than normal. I’m hoping to keep it to no longer than the first hour. Answers to Questions About the Midterm Today in class we are going to start with looking at my answers to your questions from Assignment #3. It ended up taking me longer than I expected. There were a lot of great questions. Here is the link to my answers. I want to also make sure we talk about this page, which is linked to in the answers. It covers some examples of the kind of design I’m looking for.   Mockups, Style Tiles and Design Process We are going to talk about Design Process by looking at some mock-ups (AKA design comps, AKA comps). Then looking at Style Tiles and talking about the difference. Files for Mockups: Videos that use those files: Slicing Images This is a long video (51:33) that walks through adding CSS to an HTML page based on a Photoshop Mockup. Link to Style Tiles: Video on using Typography Features in Photoshop 6: view video Another quick look at new features of PS6:   How to use Font Squirrel to download and then embed fonts Your assignment for the rest of the day is to create either 1. A mockup of the home page 2. Style Tile for the site If you do the Style Tile, then you should also do some work (drawing on paper, PS or using HTML/CSS) to start on how your Home page will actually look.
  • Class 5: Typography and Layout

    October 10, 2012Christopher SteinThis class and assignments assume that you have covered the prep material on Typography. Today is simple yet difficult. You will complete Assignment #8: Typography. While you are working on that I’m going to come around the class and look at your wireframes assignment (#7) with each of  you individually. Some notes about the assignment. The content is directly from the midterm project. So take the opportunity to try to work out some of your ideas on how you will deal with this for your actual midterm project. The work you do today should directly help you with your midterm. You don’t have to use the exact layout and typography but what you do today should help get you there. There are only two of the four tracks in the assignment, you don’t need to add the other two now, but you do need to add them for your final version in the midterm. Start by looking at the content and thinking about what major sections of content there are (heading, session, track, footer). See if this matches your wireframe and think about whether there are any layout changes you want to make. Then start adding in the CSS (and any HTML if needed, usually just some divs and such to group things) to make the basic page layout. Then look at the content on the page and think about the typographic hierarchy. How are you going to use font, style, size, color, alignment… to help differentiate the different type of text content on the page? Add in the CSS to bring your hierarchy to life.
  • Prep for Class on Wednesday

    October 5, 2012Christopher SteinThat’s right, Wednesday. Monday the school is closed and Wednesday is on a Monday schedule so we will have class on Wednesday. Let me know now if that’s going to be a problem. In class we are going to focus on typography (and also talk about design in general, and your midterm projects) so I thought it would be appropriate to have some reading instead of video this week. Some of you have not been watching the videos and doing readings. YOU NEED TO DO THAT to do well on the assignment and projects. Please set aside time to do that. First read this: It’s Samantha Warren’s article on typography and sets both typography and a lot of graphic design principles up well. Then take a look at some rules I have for typography. There are not that many but it can take a while to master them. Then check out this page to help you think about hierarchy in typography and has links to lots of tools and articles. It will help you with choosing fonts and with Google Web Fonts.
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