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HTML Fundamentals Part 3 Video

This is the third part in a multipart series on HTML Fundamentals. This part shows how to mark up content on the page. Probably what most new web developers are most interested in. I must say that at over 40 minutes, this part is by far the longest. That’s because I try to show how […]

HTML Fundamentals Part 2 Video

This is the second video in my HTML Fundamentals series. The series is taking me a lot longer than I¬†anticipated. There was a technical issue (lost an entire video) but the main reason is that it has taken me a while to boil down what I want to get across and then organize it and […]

HTML Fundamentals Part 1 Video

Hi Class, The first video in a series I’m calling HTML fundamentals is up. I will post at least two more during the coming week we don’t have class. Your work outside of class before September 10 is to watch all of these videos. They will all be posted to YouTube and also embedded here […]

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